Authorised Service Provider

At Geelong Technology Group we try and help you enjoy your Apple products as much as possible.

Not only do we provide you with the best possible solution for your needs but we also provide authorised repairs on broken or faulty products, getting the product back in your hands as soon as possible. We have a team of Apple Certified Techs ready to service Geelong and surrounding areas.

Below is a list of just some of the services Geelong Technology Group provide.

Fault Diagnosis
Hard Drive Upgrades
Memory Upgrades
Software Upgrades
MacBook Screen Replacement
Warranty Repairs
Full device replacements
and more....


Full Apple Computer Range

Authorised Service Provider

Geelong Technology Group can perform all your in or out of warranty Apple Mac repairs, regardless of which machine it is. We have technicians who are fully certified by Apple to work on all current models, and have all the right tools to do so, with many years of experience.

We have access to Apple's warranty system to lookup information regarding your warranty status, so it does not matter where it was originally purchased or if you've kept the receipt!*. 

This includes: Apple MacBook Servicing & Repairs, Apple MacBook Air Servicing & Repairs, Apple MacBook Pro Servicing & Repairs, Apple iMac Servicing & Repairs, Apple Mac Pro Servicing & Repairs and more!


*In very limited circumstances a proof of purchase may be required.

Apple iPhone Servicing & Repairs

Authorised Service Provider/
Apple Authorised iPhone Servicing IN Geelong!

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Beats Audio Servicing & Repairs

Authorised Service Provider
Something doesn't sound quite right? Bring it in store! We can service the full Beats Audio range, including Beats Headphones, Beats Earphones & Beats Pill Speakers.

Please note: A proof of purchase is required for service of this product.

AppleCare Product Servicing & Repairs

Authorised Service Provider
We are able to perform any AppleCare Protection Plus claim in store.

Contact us for further information

Apple iPad/iPod
Servicing & Repairs

Authorised Service Provider

We have expert techs available to service your iPad or iPod issues. Anything from short battery life to a damaged display.
Some of the services that we offer are listed below:

Warranty Replacement for fault
iOS Restore - resetting the software on your device back to factory settings
Remove debris in Lightning port or headphone jack
Update device to latest version of iOS
Out of warranty full device replacement

Please Note: Before bringing your device in store, it is always a good idea to perform a backup, as the data is your sole responsibility and to remove Find My iPhone (sometimes referred to as an 'Activation Lock') on your device.
If you are unable to perform any of the above for any reason, let us know and we will see what we can do. A service fee is applicable to out of warranty work performed, and/or backups.

Apple Watch Servicing & Repairs

Authorised Service Provider

Having Watch problems? Bring your Apple Watch in store.
We have trained & certified techs who are able to help.

Please note: Before bringing your device in store, please disable Find My iPhone (otherwise known as 'Activation Lock') on your device, and backup any important information.
Click here for information on how this can be performed

Apple TV Servicing & Repairs

Authorised Service ProviderHaving issues with your Apple TV?

Bring your Apple TV in store, and we can get it working like new again.
We have trained & certified techs who are able to help.

Insurance Quotes

Authorised Service Provider

Being an Authorised Service Provider also means that we are qualified to perform insurance quotes if the time comes.
Simply come in store or contact us for further information.

Please Note: Insurance Quotes do incur a fee.

Apple Accessories

Authorised Service Provider


We can perform warranty service on all of your Apple Accessories. This includes Lightning Cables, Power Adapter, Chargers, Keyboards, Mice, Audio/Visual adapters and more.

Please Note: For any peripherals under warranty, such as a mouse, keyboard, power adapter, etc., please bring along the serial number that the accessory was purchased with, or a receipt/proof of purchase if it was purchased stand-alone. In some instances we may require the computer or device the accessory is used with to ensure it is not the basis of the issue.

Pickup & Drop-off Service Available

Authorised Service Provider

If you can't make it into our store we also provide a mobile service to collect and drop off the item or where possible repair on site. Fees apply.


Contact us to organise this service

Express Service

Authorised Service Provider

Most machines that we look at have a typical turn around time of 3 business days, or less. But if you don't have that kind of time, and need your computer looked at ASAP, then the Express Service is for you!
Essentially it is 'jumping the queue', where your machine gets priority service for a fee.

An Express Service will have your machine diagnosed within 24 Hours.