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Ubiquiti Networks


Here at Geelong Technology Group, we can build the best-fit solution. We do this by taking the time to discuss what your needs are on a level that you can understand. We have decades of experience helping home, business and education users of all sizes.

Geelong Technology Group is certified by Ubiquiti. This is an industry recognised certification directly from the manufacturer. We are ready to assist you in getting the very best technology, today.

Take a look below at some of the amazing solutions that we can bring to you...

Wireless Networks


Today's household consumes an enormous amount of data over Wi-Fi. With multiple devices using high demand services such as Netflix, YouTube and Online Gaming it is easy to see why drop outs, buffering and lag can occur. But your internet connection isn't always to blame.
The hardware telco's often provide are entry level, and will not do the job you need them to. With Geelong Technology Group you can achieve strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire house.

We have Wi-Fi solutions for homes of all sizes and internal materials, that can defeat the constant interruptions from buffering.

Ubiquiti Networks


Be it big or small, 1 or 1000 devices, Geelong Technology Group is able to have them running on the same network without hiccups.

Geelong Technology Group can ensure your entire workplace has fast and reliable file transfers at all times via a combination of technologies based on your workplace work flow.
Whether it be connecting two separate offices to the same network to share a fast internet connection, or setting up a secure guest Wi-Fi that doesn't slow down the rest of your network - Geelong Technology Group can do it.

Geelong Technology Group is ACMA registered and certified to install data network cables where required. This means you only get the best quality job.

We can ensure that your network is ready for tomorrows needs, today.

Ubiquiti Networks


Whether it be getting coverage throughout an entire warehouse, or connecting multiple sites together, we have the experience. Geelong Technology Group can deploy an array of technologies to ensure that you get the best performance no matter where you are. This includes in-door and outdoor weather resistant equipment, Long Distance Point-to-Point Links (up to 200km's), Mesh Networks, and more.


Ubiquiti Networks

Discrete & Bold Wireless Solutions

Your Wireless Access Point doesn't need to be hidden. Make it bold. Make it stand out. Geelong Technology Group offers both discrete and visually appealing wireless access points.


Ubiquiti Networks

Security & More

Security Camera's & Security Monitoring

Geelong Technology Group is able to bring your security cameras into the 21st century with a digital security camera solution. Digital security cameras and recorders (known as NVR's) offer a much higher quality recording than typical analogue security cameras. This could mean the difference between identifying the suspect or having them get away.
Get great security footage in both day or night, rain or shine with infrared IR and outdoor weather resistance.
Cameras are all microphone enabled, so you can always hear what is being said. Setup hot zones so that motion events are only marked when motion in these specific areas of the frame occur.

View live camera feeds on the go via the mobile app, or for playback of previous recordings and more. Also get mobile notifications for events.


Ubiquiti Networks

Reliability & Performance

Geelong Technology Group only uses brands that we have used and trust. Having quality equipment means less down time and better performance for you or your workplace. Ubiquiti is no different. They are a brand that is synonymous with quality and reliability. Ubiquiti is often looked upon as the industry leader in networking products.

You can rest assured knowing that Geelong Technology Group will only use quality equipment to ensure the best result for you.


Located in Werribee, Geelong Technology Group is able to assist anyone within Melbourne, Western Suburbs, or surrounding suburbs with any Networking, Security Camera Installation, or support.

Ubiquiti Networks

Geelong Technology Group can provide you with a tailor designed solution to fit your needs.

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