If you have been instructed to start a remote support session with one of our technicians please click on the 'Start Remote Support Session' below.
Please be aware that charges may apply.



If any of the above sounds like a problem that you are experiencing, then you could definitely use our remote support service.

Remote support is a relatively easy way to support end user and businesses alike with their problems. It is particularly useful is at the far ends of Geelong like Torquay or Drysdale and can’t make it into our office and can’t wait for an on-site call out. For particularly difficult problems, a on-site service may be a better solution for the problem. We service all areas around Geelong.

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What is remote support?

So, enough of talking about remote support, what exactly is it? Essentially, our technician will assist you over the phone as you download a small tool. When you have downloaded this tool, all you have to do is run it! After running it, the technician will be able to see everything that you can see and will even be able to remotely control your mouse and keyboard. With this, we can also fix the problem whilst on the phone. Sounds great doesn’t it!
It's easy, secure and most of all, very convenient.

For most remote support services, we will endeavor to sort the issue out the same day – usually within the first phone call


If you're after On-Site Support, please click here.