Wireless IT Networking Solutions

At Geelong Technology Group, we can build the best IT network solution for your business. We do this by taking the time to discuss what your needs are without technical jargon. Our IT technicians have decades of experience helping home and businesses of all sizes, setting up Wi-Fi networks, connecting computer networks and providing the right technology for your business.

Geelong Technology Group has certified staff trained to build indoor and outdoor state-of-the-art wireless communications systems using technology from leading technology organisations, including Microsoft, Cisco, Ubiquiti, and 3CX.

What is an IT system network?

A computer network is a mesh of interconnected computers. It could be as simple as a modem plugged into the back of your computer or multiple switches connecting different areas full of computers in a business’s office. Either way, having quality equipment and having it cabled correctly by a Geelong IT professional is essential.

Over time, we have come to realise that you may not always have the best IT setup or technical equipment appropriate for your requirements.

Using the internet should be seamless. Being able to view files on multiple computers at your business is possible for all users.

So if you’re dropping out, need a complete overhaul of your businesses IT infrastructure, are starting with a fresh slate or just want a more reliable wi-fi connection, Geelong Technology Group can help!

Home IT Services

Households consume an enormous amount of data every day. With multiple users using high demand services such as Netflix, YouTube and online gaming, it is easy to see why dropouts, buffering, and lag can often occur with IT setups. However, your internet connection isn't always to blame!


With Geelong Technology Group, you can achieve strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire house. Our dependable Wi-Fi solutions for homes of all sizes and internal materials can defeat the constant interruptions from buffering.


Office IT Networks

Be it big or small, 1 or 1000 devices, Geelong Technology Group can have your business running on the same IT network without hiccups.


Geelong Technology Group can ensure your entire workplace has a fast and reliable internet connection, backup solutions, vital networking, not to mention good business networks.

Commercial Network Coverage

Whether it be getting coverage throughout an entire warehouse or connecting multiple sites, we have the experience. Geelong Technology Group can deploy various technologies to ensure that you get the best IT system performance no matter where you are located.


Data Cable Installation

Geelong Technology Group has ACMA registered and compliant data cable installers who can install from scratch or upgrade your existing network.


Ensuring that your network data cables (commonly Ethernet) are high-quality and installed correctly by a professional is critical to your IT network's performance. This is the case even when using a predominantly Wi-Fi-based network, as the network cables are a backbone to your network, allowing traffic to travel from the source to your wireless access point.


Geelong Technology Group offers many other business networking services


Geelong Technology Group can provide you with a tailor designed solution to fit your needs.

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