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Protect your business from cyberattacks with cybersecurity training

Data holds immense value in our digital world. Whether it’s customer addresses, emails, banking details or even employee information, every piece of data collected by a business should be protected. Consequently, every business, regardless of its size, has a crucial need for cybersecurity. And subsequently, training for their employees to mitigate the potential risks of cyberattacks. 

What are the signs of cyberattacks?

In an increasingly online world, the threat of data breaches, cybersecurity incidents, and cyberattacks loom over businesses like never before. Cyberattacks can come in various forms, from phishing emails to your employees, unsecured software or lack of cybersecurity. Here are some signs of a cyberattack: 

  • Unusual account activity  
  • Suspicious call or email from someone wanting to access information   
  • An employee opened a phishing email   
  • You cannot access your files  
  • Your devices are not behaving normally (e.g. running slow or lots of pop-ups suddenly)  

In the event of a cyberattack or data breach, it is crucial to take immediate and decisive action.  

Response steps for cyberattacks or a data breach  

First and foremost, containment is critical. Immediately contact your I.T. department or I.T. service provider if you believe there has been a breach or cyberattack (or you clicked on that phishing link). If you don’t have an I.T. department, reach out to trusted I.T. professionals at Geelong Technology Group for immediate assistance.  

Next, assess the extent of the data stolen. Was it sensitive data like banking or credit card details? Or just email addresses? (Though it’s important to note any data breach is bad). Document everything so you have a comprehensive record for future reference and potential investigations. Make sure you visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) website to determine what you are obligated to do under the current Australian Privacy Act.   

 Consider what you need to do now to protect your data in the future – upgrade systems, change passwords, or replace hardware if needed. Don’t forget to educate your employees on cybersecurity, as 90% of data breaches are due to human error.  

 Engage cyber security experts like Geelong Technology Group  

Safeguard your business from cyberattacks with a comprehensive approach to cyber-secure I.T. systems and well-informed employees. Get a cyber-resilient culture with GTG’s complete security awareness training solutions for small businesses. Our cybersecurity program includes the following:  

  • Ready-to-edit cyber policy templates  
  • Actionable checklists to ensure your security is top-notch  
  • engaging (and relevant!) security awareness training videos
  • Extensive library of security awareness material  
  • Industry-leading phishing simulator that sends regular phishing campaigns to monitor your company’s performance  
  • Detailed reports about the individual risk each employee, department or country poses to your company.   

Take proactive steps to keep your data and business secure with cybersecurity training from Geelong Technology. Visit our website or call 1300 GET GTG (1300 438 484) to see a demo of our program. 

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