Protect data against MITM attacks

Protect data against MITM attacks

The Man-in-the-Middle attack is one of the most common cyberattacks. It tricks the person and server to think they’re communicating with each other. This malicious cyberattack is also known as eavesdropping as it does the same thing-gathering data from a private source or conversation without getting their consent.  

Online hackers who utilise this type of malware will steal all valuable information from your device without you even noticing it—or not until you get a notification that you have a long list of online transactions or subscriptions from different websites. 


Protect yourself from cyberattacks 

While thieves try to make themselves transparent, you can keep an eye out to make sure you’re not being attacked. Here are some precautionary measures that can save you from falling victim to their attack:  


Ignore suspicious messages 

Whether for personal or business use, email is one of the most popular platforms for communication over a network. This is also a favourite place for hackers to plot in their traps. 

Email hijacking is a sort of MITM wherein internet hackers attempt to gain access and completely control your personal email. Once they have your valuable information, the hackers will try to manipulate your accounts, including login credentials and bank details to make unnecessary transactions.  

Secure online safety 

Strong cybersecurity and a proper understanding of the risks of engaging with online thieves are your best defences against any type of online threat. Today, hackers continue to evolve new tactics, making it more difficult to monitor your data security on your own.. A managed IT solution can assist in delivering end-to-end encryption, making it more difficult for hackers to intercept and steal your data.  

Encrypt internet connection  

Before giving away your credentials and other valuable details online, you should make sure that your data communication is encrypted. By doing so, you are also preventing other parties from seeing the information that you’ve submitted.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) allows you to safely visit and transfer information to a certain page online. On some websites, HTTPS is marked differently, so you might see a padlock instead. The possible damage caused by MITM is terrifying, but practising preventative actions listed above will protect you and your data. 


Securing online data with Geelong Technology Group

Geelong Technology Group provides a comprehensive cyber security service including regular phishing simulations that use an advanced tracking engine to report unsafe links and suspicious pages so you can minimise the risk of MITM activity before it could happen.  

If you wish to have a cyber security checkup and completely disconnect from the cyber thieves online, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced IT professionals. Call 1300 GET GTG (1300 438 484) to learn more about our cybersecurity training program for small businesses.    

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