Optus Network Outage and How it Affects Business Operations

Optus Network Outage and How it Affects Business Operations

Recently, the second-largest network carrier in Australia—Optus—had a major outage that affected over 10 million users, including businesses across Australia. But why is it alarming? In this blog, we will discuss the major effects that it caused and how businesses can prepare in times of incidents like this. 

Communication breakdown

Businesses heavily rely on a stable and reliable network to carry out their day-to-day operations. With communication problems, it will be hard for an organisation to operate and support their teams. On the customer side, this could be a frustrating moment and could lead to damaging the company’s reputation. 

Financial consequences

The outage interrupted almost all access for transport, healthcare, and even online transactions. This leaves e-commerce websites on freeze as they can’t process orders, leading to a loss in sales. 

Arising security risks

While some people are getting helpless with this problem, the attackers find it the perfect time to get on the line. With so many phishing reports claiming to be from Optus, the company has sent a warning to all its users that they are not sending any messages that contain links to resolve the problem. 

This type of attack can easily make people fall for the attacker’s trick if they aren’t vigilant enough. 

Long-term impact

Following the network outage, Optus has proposed solutions to make it up to all its user types. However, a lot of businesses have to deal with long-term consequences and work harder to fully recover and prepare for this type of problem. 

Secure your business with IT experts.

This incident only proves how a network outage can drastically affect businesses and disrupt their operations. To mitigate the threats posed by network outages, it is vital to have robust backup, disaster recovery plans, and security measures in place. 

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5 powerful methods to protect your business against cyberattacks

5 powerful methods to protect your business against cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is essential in protecting valuable business data from online threats or cyberattacks. While it might look complicated, there are five powerful methods that can help you enhance your cybersecurity.

1. Deter

We truly believe that “prevention is better than cure”. Taking proactive measures by examining your security health and installing updated security software can significantly reduce the risk of giving access to unauthorised people and falling to cyber threats. In a logical sense, if you refuse to open the door of your home, intruders will find it difficult to enter. 

While this approach does not guarantee that these hackers will not attempt to gain access, it does make it more difficult for them to do so. 


2. Detect 

By utilising cybersecurity systems, employee awareness, and a robust monitoring procedure, you can detect a possible cyberattack and take quick action to protect yourself and your organization. 


3. Delay 

While entirely preventing cyberattacks can be challenging, there are actions you can take to delay the attackers and create additional barriers to slow down their process. Engaging a cybersecurity firm in Geelong, like GTG, will help protect your business information. 


4. Respond 

Cyberattacks can be daunting if you are not prepared. Practice implementing these preventative measures to mitigate its risks and if you have strong cyber security–prevent them.   

  • Install and update security software
    Updating software and operating systems on a regular basis could help you detect any unauthorised actions or potential breaches used by hackers. 
  • Backup your data regularly
    Performing regular backups allows you to copy the valuable data of your business and recover it in case of a malware attack or data loss.  
  • Stay informed
    Being aware of the latest security trends and practices helps you avoid falling into cyber security traps. Working with a reliable cyber security provider can assist you in developing effective countermeasures and responses in the event of a cyberattack. 


5. Recover 

Without preventative cyber security measures in place, recovering from a cyberattack can be challenging. An effective recovery procedure isn’t about restoring your business activities as they were before but rather making them more secure to prevent possible risks in the future. 


Cybersecurity company in Geelong  

Geelong Technology Group provides unmatched IT services solutions that help businesses in securing their data. Through our security awareness training solutions, we can help you protect your business, employees and clients.  

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5 Tips to Strengthen Your Business’ Cybersecurity

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Business’ Cybersecurity

Data management cybersecurity is vital. Company data involves sensitive and confidential records for the organisation, clients and potential customers. A breach of this information has consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage, and the risk of upholding customers’ trust.  


Hackers are just around the corner 

In a nutshell, cybersecurity, or IT security, plays an important role in every business. It protects the organisation and employees from cyber threats such as hacking, malicious software, and ransomware attacks. These days, hackers have also changed their approach, increasingly targeting staff & exploiting human error. Make sure to protect your people so they won’t be the next target of cyber scam victims.  


Cybersecurity training for businesses 

Allowing your employees to identify common cyber threats by conducting regular cybersecurity awareness training will help not just the people in the organization but the business in the long run.  


Update your anti-virus protection 

Make sure your business gadgets are regularly checked and that you have a reliable anti-virus program installed. Consider partnering with an experienced IT team that provides cybersecurity solutions in the digital realm. 


Implement strong Password management 

Encourage your employees to have strong and unique passwords to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, financial information, or personal details associated with other accounts. Passwords should be changed regularly and be two-factor enabled.  


Data backups & cloud storage solutions 

Backing up business data on a regular basis is a must, especially if your information is confidential. A secure cloud storage service can be of great assistance in ensuring that your data isn’t going anywhere in case of loss due to cyberattacks or natural incidents.  


IT security professionals 

At Geelong Technology, we build IT systems that suit your application by sourcing high-quality components from these reputable manufacturers:  

Take the first step to protect your businessContact Geelong’s cybersecurity experts 

Remember, cybersecurity is an ongoing effort. Stay informed about emerging threats and evolving best practices to continuously improve your defences. Consider working with trusted IT experts in Geelong that can offer you a complete security awareness solution to test, train, measure, and reduce human risk. Contact Geelong Technology Group on 1300 GET GTG (1300 438 484) to make sure your business is secure.